Criado por: crislindner

The Creative Diamond® developed by Cris Lindner Kanaan dor Innovati, now available to the world, is a innovative process for disruptive creative thinking, experience planning and project development.
So far we’ve created the Purpose Diamond®, the Innovation Diamond® and other templates are on the way. Those frists assure a patten to develop an infinite amount of fractal reasoning, which is the epistemological based for coherent thinking.
The Diamond® is the brand for this new epistemology we named Ontofractology. This innovative Stack Design Thinking knowledge based system, provides the constructive path dor rationality, conception and formalisation of information on a cohesive taxonomy chain. The results are outstanding intentional work, consistent designs and goal mapping.
Until now, and for the last 25 years of innovation management processes, it is by far, the most innovative one. Like no other, it creates the platform for financial evaluation, market research and competence maturity roadmaps, all this on the forethought step of innovation process.